Hope, Love and Strength

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

~Proverbs 16:9~

In 2014, I wrote one of my first blog posts titled, An Old Irish Blessing.  It is the story of how I found my family in Ireland with only a few bits and pieces of history that my Dad remembered from his childhood.  I am truly blessed to say that we were immediately welcomed by our cousins.  My greatest hope and dream was to one day meet my new family.  Two months ago that hope and dream became a reality.

One night, my husband announced nonchalantly that I would be joining him on a business trip.  I didn’t respond.  The house became uncomfortably silent.   I squeaked out: “yay”.  Let me add that I hate to fly.  “Ireland”, he said.  My response:  “oh”.  Everyone stared at me dumbfounded.   It took me a day or two to comprehend what he said.  I finally realized I was not dreaming.   IRELAND!!! MY FAMILY!!!  OMG!!!

Everything that needed to be done in preparation just fell into place.  Ireland was becoming a reality. I was going to meet my O’Flaherty/Keane family.   I was going to my family’s ancestral land.   A land that I heard was magical.  Magical?  Yes, it was, in more ways than one.  There was a transformation within me.  I could feel myself beginning to heal.  I felt a strength within that had been sorely lacking for a very long time.

From the moment our plane landed, we were welcomed with open arms and hearts.  I instantaneously felt a strong familial bond with each and every member of my family.  We laughed, cried, talked, ate, drank and celebrated life every moment of every day.  I became filled with a great feeling of love and contentment.  The heart that I shared with my father and  grandmother was home.

I  felt healing begin deep within my heart inclusive of the hearts of generations past.  Hearts that were missing integral parts of their history.  Hearts that needed mending from loss, desperation, separation, disappointment – all of life’s elements.  This journey began the healing of generations past, present and future.  No longer a wounded heart but one filled with hope, love and strength.


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