“…smile because it happened.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” 
 Dr. Seuss

Haven’t you heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason”.  Things happen because they are supposed to.  They happen because they are part of your journey, your path, or whatever you deem the appropriate phraseology.  People, things, circumstances all happen because they are part of who you are or who you are to become.  Some will say that it’s karma because of something you’ve done.  That’s nonsense.

If you look back through your life, every circumstance or person has influenced who you are today.  If it’s a person, they were supposed to be in your life at that moment because they are the person you needed at that time.  If they’re not in your life anymore, they are not supposed to be.  Your journey has taken a turn.  They were influential at that time but now someone will take their place that is just as important if not more.

If it is a circumstance, it probably happened to make you stronger, more intelligent or more accepting.  There are so many instances that can fall under this category.  If you were a victim of bullying as a child, you are possibly a stronger, empathetic adult.   Circumstances are what you make them.  If you can overcome the negative, the positive is so beautiful.  If you take the positive and share it with others, you can change their life for the better.

Don’t look back and wonder why things have happened or why a certain person isn’t in your life anymore.  Look at yourself and see how you were changed to be the wonderful person you are today because of your past.  Be aware that you too have a part in someone’s life.  Make it a positive one.  Allow them to look back and be thankful that you were part of making them who they are today.


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