The words that follow ‘I am’ follow you.

~ Rock Thomas ~

Over the last few weeks, I have been ruminating on the “I am”.  It is a phrase that I have heard on many occasions. I have read it in the Bible, used it in meditation, and learned about in yoga teacher training.  Its use never became a daily habit.  Why?  No idea.

My daughter sent me a video.  Topic unknown.  It was in my to-do pile for a long time.  The video was the story of Rock Thomas.  In the video, Mr. Thomas shares his heart-wrenching and inspirational life’s journey confirming the power of “I am”.

Two weeks ago, my friend gave me a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  A book on how to transform your life.  Guess what one of the six elements of transformation are?  Yes, you are correct!  Affirmations.  Mine “I am”.

So, there has been a trend in the messages that I have been sent over the last six years.  Recently, they have been banging at my door.  Have I listened?  Mmm, a tiny bit.  Seeds were planted.  I just wasn’t fertilizing the seed to make it grow into a habit.

“I am” can change your mindset.  If my day starts out with negative thoughts and emotions, my experiences are usually disappointing.  I have committed to starting my day with positive affirmations.  I am blessed.  I am loved.  I am happy.  The outcome…

Well, today, I was hesitant.   I pondered whether or not I should share the “I am” on my blog.  As soon as that thought entered my mind, my dogs began howling at the front door.  There were no visitors, no deer, no squirrels.  Just a message for me.

I looked up and the sky was absolutely magnificent – a gentle reminder to savor the beauty of each and every day.  I ran and grabbed my camera to capture nature’s gift, so I could share it with friends and family.

As I admired my picture of the morning horizon, I looked a bit closer.  There was an image in the clouds.  You may think I am crazy.  That’s okay.  I am sure I am to some degree.  What I saw was nature’s depiction of the Archangel Michael.


Unbeknownst to most, Archangel Michael is my favorite angel.  Do you see him in the clouds carrying the sword?  I did not at first.  Neither did my daughter. His message to me were affirmations.  You are strong.  You are protected.  You are blessed.

As a result of my message this morning, I am writing to you to encourage you to find your affirmation and see the blessings in each new day. They are there.  Just wait and see.  You are strong.  You are protected.  You are blessed.

Jesus:  …I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…

~ John 14:6 ~








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Donna Marie George is the author of thewoundedheart, a blog and Facebook page, filled with uplifting experiential stories and inspirational quotes. Her first YA Magical Realism novel, The Hidden Queen of Hy-Breasail, will be released in early 2021. Donna Marie is based in Cleveland, Ohio. She and her wonderful husband have been married for over 30 years and have three beautiful grown children. She loves animals, nature, and spirituality

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